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Sage Nine Creative is a web development and SEO content creation firm for small businesses.


We are content producers and marketing creatives who have spent over two decades mastering the alchemy of meaningful audience engagement.

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Small business owners need to run their businesses - not their websites.

And with our suite of services, Sage Nine Creative builds optimized online environments designed to meet your audience where they are.

Website Development

Your website is your introduction to the world that doesn’t know you, and the final destination for the people that need you. To play both those roles effectively, we build sites with strategic, elegant design that transforms clicks into customers. We do it all with:

  • SEO optimization that moves you closer to the top of the search engines with effective, original content.
  • Mobile friendly layout to reach the 70% of web users that use smart devices.
  • Accessibility features that that address common visual and auditory impairments.

Reputation Management

Our reputation management services nurture your relationship with your audience by helping you meet every complaint or concern with the attention and action it deservesWe build programs that:

  • Strategically extend your online reach with optimized placement (e.g. Google My Business, Yelp, etc.)
  • Effectively encourages your people to speak about your business.
  • Routes negative feedback to you, giving you an opportunity to turn a bad review into a good one.

Business Automation

​Having a ton of new business is great. But if you don’t have a great system to help with the heavy lifting, the small business you own could end up owning you.Our customized automation suites:

  • Filter out the "tire-kickers," who aren’t ready to becoming customers.
  • Guide true leads through a funnel that ends at the sale.
  • Manage your daily workload so you don't have to spend time building your call sheets and to-do lists.
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Who We Are

Noelle Anderson, The Developer

Noelle is a systems developer and self-taught coder who specializes in building unique, responsive, and accessible sites. She is a passionate teacher, and loves to break down complex topics to make them accessible to people who aren’t big computer nerds.

Noelle is also the host of the podcast She Builds With Code, where she chronicles her journey in the tech industry. Penguins are her jam. She owns too many gadgets.

Brandon Anderson, The Writer

Brandon is a writer, editor, and producer with 20 years of experience in content creation, media relations, and external communications for one of the largest ensemble theatre companies in the United States. His freelance writing portfolio includes clients in the finance, education, and literary sectors.

Brandon is the creator of Shut Up a, a weekly blog of personal essays, poems, and other pieces that go great with a cup of coffee. He knows entirely too much about the 90s teen sitcom, Saved By the Bell

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Recent Clients

Shut Up a Second

The project that started it all. A custom blog design & back-end, with dozens of posts.

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Simplicity Accounting

An informational website that integrates Customer Relationship Management software to capture new leads

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Forrest Street Consulting
Forrest Street Consulting

A multi-page business consultant site.

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Amy Lay Wellness

A personal trainer site, featuring videos, and Google Maps integration.

Visit Amy Lay Wellness

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