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What We Do

Sage Nine Creative is a digital design house.

We specialize in building websites and systems that connect small businesses and their customers.

How We Do It

A small business owner already has too much $#*! to do — and all of it was due yesterday. So while you level up, we go to work customizing your online presence. Our mission is to increase your site’s visibility, provide accessibility, and maintain stability.
Here are some of the ways we help:

Website Content & Design

Your website is your introduction to the world that doesn’t know you, and the final destination for the people that need you. To play both those roles effectively, we build sites with strategic, elegant design that transforms clicks into customers. We do it all with:

  • SEO optimization that moves you closer to the top of the search engines with effective, original content.
  • Mobile friendly layout to reach the 70% of web users that use smart devices.
  • Accessibility features that that address common visual and auditory impairments.

Website Management & Tech Support

Having a website is great, but they don't take care of themselves. There are updates, backups, and every day a new business is reporting a cyber attack and data leak! Once we have your site up and running, we stick around to make sure it stays that way by providing:

  • Weekly software updates (up to daily in times of increased threats) to ensure every part of your website is as secure as possible.
  • Industry-leading security software and lockdown protocols to protect your site against hack attempts.
  • Real-time backups of your site - when you update the site, we run a backup. 
  • Monthly reports of all website activity so you know everything going into keep your site safe.


Business Workflow Automation

Having a ton of new business is great. But if you don’t have a great system to help with the heavy lifting, the small business you own could end up owning you. Our customized automation suites:

  • Filter out the "tire-kickers," who aren’t ready to become customers.
  • Guide true leads through a funnel that ends at the sale.
  • Manage your daily workload so you don't have to spend time building your call sheets and to-do lists.
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Who We Are

Sage Nine is a firm founded by independent performing artists that have spent years conceiving, producing, and marketing live shows. The immersive intimacy of theater has taught us an approach to business management that’s proving to work across industries ranging from finance to fine arts.

Noelle Anderson, The Developer

Brandon Anderson, The Writer

Who We've Worked With

Zora's House
Forrest Street Consulting
Up Front Performance Space
Touchstone Hospitality
Simplicity Accounting

Are You Ready?

To be a successful small business owner, you don’t have to be the loudest on the internet. You just need to be heard. Let’s start warming up your voice today.
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